I am so happy I found Choffy, I can’t drink coffee and this is a godsend to me. Thank you!

I love this product! I have been experimenting with extracts like orange and vanilla added to my cup of deliciousness! Sooo good!

I LOVE Choffy for so many reasons. Let me count them…

1. My blood sugar isn’t affected
2. I get my chocolate fix without the guilt
3. It stops all my chocolate cravings
4. I get an energy boost
5. It’s less calories than a glass of milk even with creamer
6. I can share with my kids and know I’m giving them something good
7. I can bake with the grounds
8. I can have it WHENEVER I WANT. That’s the best reason
9. I don’t get heartburn after drinking it
10. I’m doing something good for my body and it doesn’t hurt or make me sore.

My love of Choffy stems from the amazing taste…the health benefits are just icing on the cake. When I was first introduced to Choffy a year ago I was skeptical. As a self-described coffee junkie this new alternative was not anything I thought I could warm up to. But from my first taste I came to the realization that Choffy could very well replace my coffee addiction and with each slow sip after I knew I was sold. The taste is a hard to describe experience that is both unique and simply wonderful. I enjoy the fact that something I view as an indulgence is so good for me. How often does that happen?

As with many women I love chocolate! Over the years my craving for chocolate has progressed from Snickers to Fanny May fudge, Marshall Field’s Frango mints, etc. — very expensive chocolate. Of course the calories were adding up too. The very first time I tasted Choffy I was sold. In addition to the delicious taste and good nutrients in it, I discovered that it satisfied my craving for chocolate. I rarely buy chocolate anymore. This alone has been a great blessing for me. Give it a try and you will be sold to!

I quit drinking coffee over a year ago when I realized the effect it had on my adrenals. I am however a chocoholic and never miss a day without having a bite of dark chocolate. I also recently started baking with raw cacao and just love it. Sometimes I just need a little pick me up and drinking Choffy is just the way to get it. It gives me a feeling of crisp alertness, not a wired feeling like coffee does. Plus, Choffy has so many health benefits, like antioxidants and theobromine. I’m so glad I have a close friend who introduced me to Choffy.

Our 19 month old is going crazy for Choffy. She had to have what Daddy was drinking, thinking she’d never ask again, I gave her a sip. Now, even if she’s drinking her milk, once she see’s daddy’s Choffy she throws down her milk and reaches for mine. Much happier that she’s crazy for Choffy than pop or something that’s…not so good for her…

I love Choffy it is so nice to have a cup hot in the winter when it is cold to warm me up. It is also just as much a treat cold when it is hot to cool me down. I have asthma and when i go hiking with the climate change is one way I have always had to use my inhaler. I have not used and inhaler for a few years I take cold Choffy and I also do use an oil called Breath to control and help my asthma. Choffy provides many many health benefits this is reason enough to drink Choffy but as for another great benefit Choffy provides is time with your family or friends and you enjoy a nice cup of Choffy in the morning or at night with whom ever you choose it provides quality time. I have many times gotten kids to open up and tell me all about there day drinking a nice cup of Choffy.

Before I ever even tried Choffy I loved the concept. When a friend told me about it I thought it would be the perfect drink for me because I was 1. A dark chocoholic and 2. I was looking for a coffee alternative for lower caffeine and something I didn’t have to add sugar to. Choffy sounded perfect and I joined as a distributor for wholesale pricing before ever tasting it because I just knew I would need that deal on all the 5lb bags I would be buying and consuming. Choffy didn’t disappoint. Once I was actually drinking Choffy and not just thinking about it I tried it every which way and it all worked. But that’s not why I wanted Choffy. I love it most because in its purest form it’s exactly what I was looking for. That simple. Chocolate the way it was meant to be but brewed to satisfy that need for a comforting cup. Not craving sugar anymore was a major bonus. And the health benefits!!! Antioxidants, theobromine healthy energy, PEA, flavanols! Say what! It makes me happy. I feel happy making it, drinking it, and I feel happy sharing it and talking about it with anyone who will listen. It’s having my chocolate and drinking it too 😉
I gravitate toward like minded people. I have a desire to do good and make an impact on this earth. So does Jason, the founder of Choffy. His enthusiasm and energy and passion for what he does makes me love Choffy that much more.

I love Choffy because it is an indulgence with no guilt. Because it doesn’t have all of the caffeine of coffee, I get to enjoy Choffy because I love it, not because I need it. When I drink Choffy I feel like I’m rewarding myself and that is good for the soul. Such an amazingly decadent hot or cold beverage that is so good for your body and soul…how could you not love it?

From the moment I heard the word, “Choffy”, I have been hooked. Drinking and sharing this wonderful drink has enriched my life in many ways: I have so much more energy; I don’t crave unhealthy foods as much; I have a drink I don’t feel guilty sharing with my children; I am a part of an exciting team who build each other up; I get to drink chocolate every day and feel good about it! Being able to be a part of a revolution that offers a delicious drink that’s also extremely beneficial to our bodies fall right in line with my desire to adopt and advocate a more natural lifestyle. Choffy has changed my life and has made it easier for me to help other’s change theirs.

I love Choffy because it is dessert in a mug that has few calories and has health benefits!

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