jasonvanderhoven…to help others around the world to live a better, healthier life from the cacao (cocoa) bean. He thought he could create a brewed drink that would taste great, but retain all of the great health benefits naturally found in cacao. His early attempts resulted in something his father-in-law would said was “pretty good.” While not exactly the response he was hoping for, Jason knew he was on to something.

After three years of researching, testing, and input from family and friends, Choffy was finally born. Jason knew he had a winning product, and he began the process of bringing in other people to help him launch his dream of sharing Choffy with the world.

As the visionary and inventor of Choffy the product, Jason Vanderhoven is the company’s soul and guiding force. He has always envisioned Choffy as a tool for doing good in the world. That philosophy is at the core of who we are and how we do business. His product passion and expertise helps ensure that Choffy’s products are of the highest quality and support our founding mission.