Brewed Chocolate? Why You Should Try This Amazing Coffee Alternative 

Written by Mike Anderson, Barista Buzz

Most adults love a good cup of coffee in the morning as a pick me up more than anything else.
Along with this there are many health benefits but drink too much of the stuff and the jitter set in and grabbing that good night’s rest is all but impossible.

What is the Alternative?

There is a new drink on the block which is packed with many more health benefits than your morning coffee.
It isn’t tea but is one of everyone’s favorite tastes. If you haven’t heard of brewed chocolate, then you’re missing out.
Such is its popularity in health circles it is one of the things many barista jobs now entail.

What is Brewed Cocoa?

It is nothing fancy,and there is nothing added or taken away. Brewed chocolate as you might see it advertised is purely the roasted and ground cacao beans. This is done precisely the same way as your coffee grounds.
When you make your drink, you end up with something very similar to that piping hot cup of hot chocolate we all had as kids during the winter.
It is made from 100% premium cocoa beans and offers a plethora of antioxidants, minerals and is a natural source of energy.

What are the Health Benefits?

There are numerous health benefits from drinking brewed cocoa, and here are a few:

Antioxidant levels – Doctors have always promoted dark chocolate as having lots of antioxidants, and in an 80z serving, you can obtain more antioxidants than you would in a half cup of fresh blueberries.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) – This chemical is found in cocoa beans,and it helps your body produce serotonin. This is a stress-related hormone and the more serotonin you have,the happier you’ll feel and can handle stress easier.
Natural Energy –You will also gain more natural energy,and your outlook on life will be much brighter.
Theobromine – This stimulant helps create a healthier blood flow because it is a vasodilator, and it works by stimulating the vascular system. It is a healthy stimulant and is very gentle on the body. It can naturally increase energy levels and nothing like the same buzz you get from coffee. This clean boost in energy will also last longer than those from caffeine.
Magnesium – magnesium level in cocoa are higher than in any other food on the planet. This helps digestion, balances the chemistry in the brain and helps in building stronger bones.
Lean Muscle Mass – Epicatechin is a compound found in cocoa which when ingested will help raise follistatin levels in the body. When these are increased the more muscle,the body is able to produce. As an aside, a large muscle area burns more calories which in turn helps to maintain a balance in the body, and lead to the next benefit.
Weight Loss – This one is quick and straight to the point. There are parts of the cacao bean which have been shown to help make the body stop digesting some particular fats. Appetite can also be curbed which in turn will make you feel less hungry.

Brewed Chocolate Questions

Is it addictive? Unlike coffee, there is nothing in brewed chocolate which is addictive unless you count the flavor. It will provide you with daily energy without any crashing or jittering you get from too many cups of coffee.
• With this in mind, you can drink as much as you like without any of the side effects coffee brings. Best of all it tastes great,and you can drink it before bedtime.
What Should I add to it? Many people ask this,and you can add anything you like in the same way as coffee.On its own, the brewed chocolate will have the same bitter taste the cacao beans contain. To adjust the flavor and texture, you can add creamer, honey, artificial sweeteners, coconut or almond milk.
What does it taste like? As the beans are roasted and ground in the same way, you might think it has a coffee taste. It doesn’t taste at all like coffee,and it doesn’t really taste like the chocolate we know. It comes with its own taste which is very unique.

How Do You Make Brewed Chocolate?

This is one of the best things about making brewed chocolate. You make it exactly as you would your morning coffee.
This means you can use a pour over method, a percolator, a French press or machines which have interchangeable filters.
It’s a simple as 1, 2, 3 to give you a healthy cup of the best coffee alternative you can find.