For a limited time, we are offering this amazing deal to save by signing up for recurring shipments of Choffy through our Schedule and Save program (also called Autoship).

Sign up for a new Autoship of $33-$83 and receive 20% off for 3 recurring cycles. 

VLS-32-01_2015This is a great way to maintain your daily Choffy drinking without having to worry about running out.  On this plan you can order a 32oz. bag of Choffy, or a few 12oz. bags for variety.  This plan can save you about $20.00 – 50.00!



Sign up for a new Autoship of $84 or higher and receive 20% off for 6 recurring cycles.

This is the way to go for those who drink more than 1 cup of Choffy a day, or those with more than one person in the home drinking Choffy… call it the family plan… or the Choffy lover’s plan!  On this plan you can order a 5lb. bag of Choffy, or any combination that totals at least $84.  This plan will save you $100.00 or more!


NOTE: If you change, or modify your autoship in a way that requires you to cancel the original autoship with this offer, the new autoship will utilize the remaining shipment cycles left on the original offer.  You may also benefit from both offers if you choose (i.e. you may have one autoship for $36, and one autoship for $85 and receive 20% off both for 3 or 6 months respectively).  This offer only applies to Choffy, and does not include French presses or accessories.  This offer is not stackable with any other offer or promotion.