Do you know the Choffy story?  Why Choffy was created?  In a few words, Choffy was created to help others around the world to live a better, healthier life.  When I read the Melissa Hartwig’s blog recently at entitled “Caffeine Clean: Four months without coffee” I couldn’t help but think how perfect Choffy is for this and so many other health and wellness lifestyle improvements.

First let’s read Jason Vanderhoven’s own words about the inspiration and challenge of making Choffy a reality:

Jason Vanderhoven“Choffy started as a dream one night.  In this dream, I had created a cocoa drink and was helping people all over the world.  The dream was so vivid and inspiring that when I awoke, I was consumed with excitement.  As I though about what to do next I felt a little sheepish for being so unrealistically motivated.  Yet the feeling of excitement was unshakable.  I found and ordered my first shipment of cacão beans right away.

When the cacão beans finally arrived, I faced my first challenge:  I had no idea what to do with them.  My first attempts in creating what would later become Choffy produced nothing but burnt inedible beans that filled our kitchen with smoke and an upset wife.  This was incredibly discouraging.  But even more discouraging was when the people in my life would say “Jason, it is a great effort and idea, but don’t quit your day job.”  I was so disheartened.  I had no idea how to make Choffy what I had envisioned.  I was filled with frustration and started to question why I was working so hard to make Choffy real.

I had all but given up on Choffy as I dropped my daughter off at her elementary school on morning.  Watching her walk to the gate, I observed many grade school children drinking coffee as the entered the school.  I exclaimed to myself, “Somebody’s got to do something about this!”

As quickly as I had thought those words, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was that somebody!”

Fast forward to today.  Choffy is not only the original, but the best tasting brewed cacão on the market.  Now, let’s look at a few of the things that Melissa talked about in her blog and the reasons quitting coffee was so good for her.

  1. Better sleep.  It took awhile, but after a month of living coffee free, she “started to fall asleep easy, sleep straight through the night and wake up refreshed without an alarm.”
  2. Waking up hungry.  She talks about how it took two months for her body to adjust to enough to send “valid signals” of hunger.
  3. Emotional volatility dissipated.    Speaking hormonally, monthly cycles lend toward emotional roller coasters for many women.  Melissa was surprised to find how serious her “hormone poisoning” had been, and that it had been tied to caffeine consumption.
  4. Stress awareness.  Learning to recognize stress, and manage it and it’s negative effects can only be a good thing.

I also enjoyed their “Coffee Manifesto”.  Here are the Whole9 team’s general recommendations on coffee consumption:

  • If you’re not currently a caffeine user, don’t start.
  • Limit your consumption to 1-2 cups of coffee a day, always before noon to prevent sleep disruption.
  • Your coffee pot is not a cup.  Nice try.
  • If you’re using coffee as a crutch to get through your day – or just to get out of bed – reconsider whether that is a healthy relationship.
  • We don’t think the above is a healthy relationship, thanks for asking.
  • A couple times a year, give your body a Caffeine Holiday for at least 30 days. (That means NO caffeine – no black or green tea, energy drinks or even decaf.)

decaf-coffee-272x300They even used this great picture that made me laugh.  Choffy is definitely NOT useless, warm, brown water.

Considering Choffy in relation to all of the above,  there are no “negative effects” of Choffy.  In fact, the more studies that are done on cacão, the more health benefits are discovered.  Cacão has been found to:

  • Improve memory.
  • Improve cardiovascular health.
  • Enhance mood and reduce depression.
  • Benefit dental health.
  • Increase focus and levels of alertness.
  • Increase energy.
  • Boost your immune system.

So while we must state that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, we wholeheartedly believe that Choffy provides many, many health benefits, and many yet to be discovered.

A healthy life is the result of a healthy choices.  There are no miracle solutions or quick fixes.  The more education we gain about what is and is not healthy for us, the more we adopt those principles into our lifestyles, the healthier and happier we will become.