Meet Ruthie!

We are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of our Choffy family – Ruthie Knudsen.

Ruthie is a food-lover with a special affinity for cooking, so much so that she is attending culinary school and will soon be able to claim the actual title of Chef.  In English we commonly use the term Chef to refer to anyone who can cook with some level of skill.  In actual terms, Chef is a title, and defined as a highly skilled professional cook proficient in all aspects of food preparation.  Ruthie is well on her way to becoming a Chef.  And here at Choffy, we couldn’t be more excited!  We look forward to celebrating with her in the Spring!

Ruthie also hosts and authors the popular blog  Cooking with Ruthie.  Her passion for cooking was passed down to her by her grandmother, whose 60s cooking show was the inspiration for Ruthie’s blog. Ruthie is the mother to three amazing kids and two dogs. Ruthie also enjoys distance running, hiking, road biking, reading (text books), gardening, Pinterest-ing, attending children’s events, and hanging out with good friends.  She creates and posts wonderful recipes on her website, and across all her social media platforms.  The most exciting part is that we have partnered with Ruthie and she will be creating recipes with Choffy.  You can expect to see two fabulous recipes a month.

Choffy is so much more than just a healthy and delicious drink, and Ruthie is excited to help us all discover the possibilities!

Choffy Chocolate BiscottiCheck out her first official Choffy recipe: Choffy Chocolate Biscotti.

You can follow Ruthie online at these places:


Ruthie’s Recipes:

Candied Choffy Caramel Apples – November 24, 2014