… of our new Shopping Cart and the great specials we have right now.

We have heard your feedback and are so excited to have finally launched our brand new shopping experience.  There are SO many improvements and new features we are excited to share with you.

  1. It is SO easy to use.  To set up an account, click on MY ACCOUNT at the top or bottom of any page, or just begin shopping and set up at checkout!
  2. There are now 4 Autoship (Recurring Shipment) options you can choose so you never run out of Choffy!  There are 21, 30, 45, and 60 day options.  We even have a video to show you how to set up, modify or cancel your autoship.
  3. The shipping calculations are drastically improved.
  4. We now offer Gift Certificates in $25, $50, $75, and $100 amounts.  You can give the gift of Choffy while letting your friends and loved ones choose the variety they would like!
  5. We also have gift messaging options.  You can send Choffy to your friends and family, include a gift message and not have to worry about them seeing the pricing on the invoice.


Because this is an entirely new system, all old accounts, including autoships are now deactivated.  We encourage all Choffy lovers to set up a new account by clicking on MY ACCOUNT at the top or bottom of this any page at Choffy.com.  We recognize that having to set up a new autoship may be inconvenient for you, so we would like to make it a little more enticing.

For those who set up a new Autoship account we are offering an EXTRA 10% off your first autoship order.  That means you’ll get a total of 20% off when you place your first Autoship order by October 31st, 2014.  You will continue to get the regular 10% off every subsequent order for the duration of your autoship.  To receive the extra discount please use code:  FALL4CHOFFY at checkout.

Check out this great video tutorial on how to set up, modify, or cancel your autoship.