We are teaming up with Paleo On The Go for a great giveaway!  Last week our Paleo Sales Rep Sarah received some ready-to-eat meals from Paleo On the Go.  Here’s her review:

I’ve been living the Paleo lifestyle for about 3 years now and I can tell you the journey is not always easy.  Reading labels, searching for hard to find products, eating out and especially traveling are all challenging when you have tried to eliminate anything that’s not real food from your diet.  Meals from Paleo On The Go take all of the guesswork out of this challenge.  I received their Butternut Squash Lasagna with Beef, Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Ranch Cauliflower and Chocolate Chip Cookies and let me tell you they were homemade yet restaurant quality delicious!  I haven’t eaten a “frozen” dinner in years, well, because most frozen dinners from the store are processed and full of questionable ingredients.  The Paleo meals came completely frozen in the box from FL to TX.  ln July.  They reheat in the package in boiling water perfectly and transfer on to a plate beautifully.  These meals really were a treat because I have never made anything even remotely close to a Paleo lasagna.  My 2 kids ages 4 and 6 have never had lasagna and this Paleo version got all thumbs up from them.  The Ranch Cauliflower was seasoned very well and the Grandma’s Chicken Soup was the ideal comfort food.  For me it’s hard to find a Paleo baked good that tastes as good as or better than the original so I typically don’t even bother but Paleo On the Go’s Chocolate Chip cookies were something I would confidently serve to non-Paleo family and friends knowing everyone would love them.

We all need some convenience in our busy lives.  I don’t always have time or energy to shop and cook.  Paleo on the Go meals will make any clean eater happy and satisfied.  I plan to use them especially when I travel and stay for several weeks with family out of state when eating Paleo is the hardest.  I would also recommend them if you are just starting out on the Paleo diet.  You will immediately see just how easy and delicious Paleo can be!

Now, check out Paleo On The Go review of Choffy:


Choffy sent us three different varieties (La Española, Ivory Coast, and IC Dark) and surprisingly each kind had a very distinct taste; not from added flavors but simply from where the beans were grown.
I really enjoyed all three of them and like to change it up every morning.  I even added in some coconut milk, which tasted great.  I brewed the ground cacao beans just like I do regular coffee in my French Press.  Today I had some Dark Choffy with a Paleo on the Go Blueberry Muffin (grain free and only sweetened with a little maple syrup).  It was a breakfast experience reminiscent of days prior to Paleo but without the ill health effects.
Choffy is a great solution for me since I don’t respond well to regular coffee but can’t seem to kick the habit.  It gives me a great hot drink in the morning with a little natural caffeine.  The other surprising perk was that it curbed my craving for sugary and chocolate filled snacks that are certainly not in my best interest.  I am excited about this product and hope you try it out for yourself!